Our classic collection features the main highlights of Vietnam & Indochina, perfect for first time visitors and travelers who wish to ensure their experience the most popular sites in each country. Be sure to check out our suggestions and updates of what is new and different as well! Our classic ctollection provides just a taste of what we can offer....

Classic Vietnam | 12 Days

Welcome to the land of myths and legends! We are excited to bring you a time of mesmerizing stays amongst fabulous landscapes and interactions with the most friendly peoples. Complete your life-time memories with local cuisine that is said to please your all senses.

Vietnam Insight | 14days

Vietnam Insight, as the name suggests, is our very well-built tour package for your best knowledge of the country within the time limit. There are also points of interests for your better understandings in our history, cultures and nature in relation with the rest of the world.  While traveling with us, you will enjoy excellent services from our arrangements and our partners’. A wonderful excursion with sweet memories are assured!


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