Our adventure collection contains some of our favor- ite itineraries in each country; however, there are many other tours we would recommend - the options are endless! Our product team have been working hard to bring exciting new off the beaten track destinations in Vietnam, as well as alternative adventure itineraries in rural Cambodia and the spectacular eco wilderness of Laos. 

Exquisite Mekong Delta | 5 Days

If you have heard of Mekong Delta of Vietnam but wonder how you can explore the place in its intact authenticity out of the beaten tracks, this tour is the one. A local guide with will take you on a route far away from the busily traveled roads to have you enjoy beautiful landscapes and interactions with locals. Scenic biking routes, local craftsmen’s workshops and delicate Mekong foods are what to expect. Indulge yourselves on this unforgettable trip and come back with great memories to share.

Saigon Backtreets

Take a small but wonderful journey through the back streets Saigon to experience life as it is! What is the most popular means of transport in our city if not a motorcycle/ scooter? Hop on the back of one ridden by our professional guides and indulge on Saigon Food tour’s latest day trip for your best exploration in “The Pearl of the East”

Can Gio Mangrove Forest

Welcome to the splendid journey for a complete exploration of Saigon! We like to take you to Can gio, a biosphere reserve right next to the most municipal city of Vietnam and yet very little known to visitors to Vietnam. The area has a jungle of mangrove and lots of tropical foliage successfully replanted by the government after the war. This is also the tuff of the most renown Dac Cong (special force) base of Vietcong – a force that could terrify the American G.I.’s Can Gio is a great place for nature lovers and a place ideal for families with kids.


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