Siem Reap
Krong Kep


Overview: Take a trip through expansive ancient temples, charming colonial riverside cities, rich village life, and the historic culture of the Khmer people in vibrant Cambodia. A small country with a lot to offer, Cambodia has arisen from the ashes of war and internal strife to open its monumental treasures to travelers once again.

Delve into the renaissance of culture and cuisine in the charming capital of Phnom Penh with its colonial riverside heritage. Visit the incredible complex of Angkor Wat near Siem Reap that has astounded archaeologists since its re-discovery and subsequent recovery from the jungles 150 years ago. 

The sensational ruins of Angkor may be the main attraction, but Cambodia’s exquisite temples, secluded beaches, charming villages and magical markets deserve lots of attention too. With genuine locals always ready to share a sincere smile, Cambodia will steal your heart and enrich your spirit.


Battambang: Cambodia's second largest city in perfect balance – it’s bustling yet friendly and interesting without being overwhelming. Underneath its sleepy persona is a bubbling undercurrent of creativity, often fuelled by the expat community. A smattering of arty boutique hotels, quirky cafés and innovative restaurants are among the urban draws, while the lush surrounding countryside is ideal for excursions. 

  • Ek Phnom
  • Wat Baset
  • Damrey Sor Pagoda
  • Phnom Sampeau
  • Kamping Puoy


Seam Riep: main attraction of Cambodia, the true hidden gem of the country, a must when visiting Cambodia. The city of the renown Angkor Watt. Seam Riep has been getting more and more popular among world’s travelers for its complex of temples and ruins mysteriously left over my Angkor people hundreds of years ago.

  • Angkor Wat
  • Ta Prohm Temple
  • Bayon Temple
  • Tonle Sap Lake


Phnom Penh: Cambodia’s capital. Phnom Penh is where one can get the true feels of the country and its people. It is rewarding to be in the place of the amazing architecture of Khmer and Angkor civilization and learn the heart saddening history during the regime of Khmer Rouge.

  • Royal Palace
  • Silver Pagoda
  • Toul Sleng Genocide Museum
  • Choeung Ek


Sihanoukville: Asia's next trendsetting beach; thousands of years of history, Sihanoukville is a the most urban city in Cambodia. The city is both a beach and a casino destination. Thanks to its tourist industry, the city has a more lighthearted flavor to it than Phnom Penh where some claim that the history is quite heart sinking.

  • Prek Treng Beach
  • Otres 1 and 2 Beaches
  • Wat Leu


Krong Kep is a coastal province in southern Cambodia, known for its seafood and tropical islands. The relaxed provincial capital of Kep, or Krong Kaeb, has wide streets with crumbling villas that recall its former glory as a French colonial resort town. Kep Beach has calm waters and a promenade with large statues, while vendors line the waterfront at the nearby crab market.

  • Kep Beach
  • Crab Market
  • Kampot Pepper Plantations and Salt Flats



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